About Us

Sailing and exploring along the coast of Maine, a surfer and skier found himself regularly snacking on kelp as he floated on the water and dreamt of adventures to come. On this particular voyage -- a monthlong passion project focused on sustainable ocean travel, remote surfing and regenerative aquaculture -- he was consumed by ideas for this slimy brown kelp. at sea, he met inspiring individuals dedicating their lives to ecological balance and a regenerative future. Somewhere miles offshore, between waves and beneath, it all came together and the next adventure revealed itself.

seagreen - kelp based coffee alternative - ocean exploration sailing

Born from ocean exploration in pursuit of a sustainable future

This beauty, Tamrijn, was the lucky vessel cast for our ambitious film project lapping the New England coastline. as with many adventures, notably those on water, the lack of predictability imposed itself on our schedule, too. This, however, was a welcomed blessing in disguise as we were able to completely disconnect from civilization for multiple days, even weeks, at a time. 

seagreen - kelp based coffee alternative - kelp sailboat harvest

Kelp sun drying in a pristine Maine island cove

This time away, learning about sustainable seafood initiatives, ecological restoration and regenerative practices without many of the distractions that come with life on land allowed us to get weird, experiment and eat whatever we came across (because we were literally always hungry). In these unorthodox times, I began diving, harvesting and drying wild kelp on the life rails. It's not everyday that your two piece dive suit is hanging and drying next to your lunch but those days remain some of my absolute favorites. While gnawing on this extraordinary member of the seaweed family, feet dangling over the bow and reminiscing its extensive, albeit effortless, health benefits for us as well as the blue planet we floated across, it hit me. 

seagreen - kelp based coffee alternative - kelp farming and diving

Swimming through shallow seaweed beds in Maine

A company committed to the longevity of human health without compromising that of our planet's at the same time. Enter "buy 1 plant 10" our mission to reforest the ocean. For every product sold we add 10 kelp seedlings to the farms we are fortunate to work with. Kelp's extraordinary powers allow it to sequester mass amounts of carbon, up to 20X that of land based trees, increase deacidification of surrounding water and create new, lively habitat for fin and shellfish and bivalves. The more we are able to reforest the ocean, the more we are able to positively influence climate change stabilization and, someday, its reversal. Seagreen is a kelp based company committed to you and your planet.