Our Story

Discovering kelp was never the plan, but I'm damn glad we did. Of course we didn't "discover" kelp, but when we ran out of food during a hurricane and had to find safety in a little remote island, it saved our lives. 

Ok back up. How and why did we get here?

As a professional skier, I'd spent much of my life exploring deep into mountain ranges and breathtaking backcountry landscapes. As a surfer, I grew up by the ocean and have a deep love of its power, mystery and resilience. The constant pull between ecosystems cultivated an insatiable passion for nature and knowledge. 

After a crash on the Freeride World Tour, a destroyed ankle and a global pandemic synchronously foiled plans for ski and snowboard centric film projects, it was time to evolve. Swapping setbacks for solutions, a couple friends and I pivoted to an aquaculture focused surf and sailing voyage documenting ways in which we can simplify and learn from our Atlantic backyard. Two weeks into the trip, the three of us found ourselves here, surviving on wild sugar kelp and riding out a hurricane promptly blocking us from the mainland. 

Fast forward, storm has passed and the adventure continued. Regenerative aquaculturists and farmers, innovative organic chefs and coastal conservationists all welcomed us with open arms and expanded our minds. Kelp, however, was an undeniable thread weaving its way through each experience into one final epiphany. 

Floating thirty some miles offshore, aimlessly sifting through thoughts of the future, of my health, my ankle and ability to steward positive impact, it hit me. Actually, it kind of smacked me in the face. A convenient and transparent way to improve human health, our planet’s health and steward continuous impact on behalf of our community, all at once. Seagreen.


Seagreen - Morning Blend - Sailing the coast of Maine, discovering kelp and surviving storms we created the first kelp based functional beverage, Seagreen Morning Blend, combining kelp, mushrooms and spices.