The Kelp + Adaptogen Superdrink
That Supercharges Your Day

Sustainably Sourced Ingredients To Sustain Yourself All Day

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Sustainably Sourced Ingredients To Sustain Yourself All Day

Seagreen is scientifically formulated to enhance focus, performance and energy without shakes or anxiety. Not only does it taste amazing and blend smooth, but there are no artificial flavors. Just organic, sustainably sourced real food ingredients that you can rely on to benefit your body, mind, and the environment.


Harness the Power of Kelp

Kelp can sequester 5x more carbon than land-based plants, storing carbon up to 6,000 meters deep. For each package of Seagreen sold, we work with regenerative farmers to reforest the ocean by planting 10 kelp for each product sold.


What Our Customers Say


"Guys, this stuff is amazing! I have it before my workouts and long days of wing foiling and surfing. It gives me the nutrition boost and the energy boost I need to keep charging!"

Chuck Patterson

Professional Big Wave Surfer


"Ahhh Seagreen is my new favorite health drink and treat! Made it this morning with oat milk, MCT Oil and Manuka honey blended together, I'm obssesed and love it."

Carol J.



"I love combining Seagreen with my coffee to give it the extra nutritional boost! I always drink it before early Nordic ski mornings and my cross country bike races!"

Mike Sampson

Professional Mountain Biker/Skier


"I'm not lying, I literally drink it everyday in some way shape or form. I did the Erewon smoothie the other day with that instead of spirulina and it was straight fire."

Molli A.

Pilates Instructor