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How does it taste?!

We totally get it - how could a kelp based compound taste great? Well, Seagreen will slide into your tastebuds with cacao and cinnamon on the frontlines while an earthy, slightly salty twang backs up the squad. Flavor, admittedly, was not a priority to begin with cause we focused on a product that champions your body, mind and conscious connection with nature. We just lucked out when we realized it tastes damn good, too!

(add to your daily beverage ritual: water, coffee, smoothie, tea, granola, choose your own adventure and more)

Get Seagreen, Plant Kelp

Creating a positive impact on our planet is the foundation of who we are at Seagreen. We were born on the Northeast coastline of USA and believe deeply in protecting our oceans through our kelp reforestation programs. That's why every Seagreen blend, formulated from kelp, helps to plant 10 more kelp seedlings at the farm it was harvested from.

"the combination of organic ingredients in seagreen help advance your overall health due to the antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and prebiotic fiber to support gut health. and, it tastes better than coffee!"

Celia, Registered Dietition

"Ever since I quit coffee, Seagreen has become my morning routine. I was surprised by how well I've maintained high energy levels and the product tastes great!"

Chase Gordon, Real Estate Professional

"I gave Seagreen a go this morning! Usually I feel like I want a second coffee after lunch but wasn't even thinking about it."

Erica O, Registered Nurse

"It's way tastier than I expected! I really like the taste. Not sweet, not bitter, not grainy... nice job!!"

Elle Stark, Doctor of Physical Therapy

To kelp and beyond!

The benefits of this “superfood of the sea," are extensive to say the least. A variety of antioxidants (carotenoids, flavonoids, manganese and zinc) help fight disease, reduce stress, lower cholesterol and protect cardiovascular health. And high levels of iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium and alginate promote weight loss, hydrated skin, healthy hair and nail growth and even thyroid hormone production to boot. Let's give it up for kelp!